Gentile cliente,
ti informiamo che la linea CROLUM LABBRA e il CROLUM TEC3 faranno parte della categoria PIGMENTI ORGANICI, pertanto le nuance possono non essere fedeli a quelle riportate sul catalogo.
il pigmento organico anche se inizialmente può differire rispetto all’inorganico, a trattamento guarito risulterà brillante e delicato.

Hygiene, Disinfection And Aftercare

Microorganisms are part of our everyday life and generally we do not pay much attention to the risk of infection that they represent. In studies of dermopigmentation however, it is necessary to follow certain rules of disinfection because, in the latter, the risk of infection is much larger. The large number of customers treated and the nature of work require careful hygiene. The responsibility of a dermopigmentist towards himself and his customers requires the use of highly efficient disinfectants and sanitizing products. Active substances and products provide advanced security and absolute protection against infection. Advanced active substances and products provide safety and absolute protection against infections. It is also necessary, in order to conclude a treatment of dermopigmentation at best, to ensure proper healing of the treated area, by using after care safe and certified products. ORSINI&BELFATTO, with the help of the Research Center of the University La Sapienza of Rome, created DERMOCITRIZAN ®, the only restorative cream with sunscreen, specific for dermopigmentation treatments.