All events on this website are organised and held by Orsini & Belfatto s.r.l.

ORSINI & BELFATTO s.r.l. was founded by Ennio Orsini and Toni Belfatto, two experienced dermopigmentation professionals. The company offers professional training and a wide range of dermopigmentation services. To date more than 5000 operators have been trained to work as permanent makeup and para-medical dermopigmentation professionals, tattoo artists and hair pigmentation specialists, since O&B has designed and patented a new revolutionary method (

O&B Academy relies on the extensive experience of its founders, who have been investigating this subject for more than 15 years. Thanks to a highly efficient and consolidated teaching method, we have already successfully trained many dermopigmentation specialists. 

Usually only 50% of 10 students attending a permanent makeup class succeed to stably work in this field and to amortise the investment made.  The other 5 usually give up because this job is not easy or because they were not properly trained and they are not confident enough to pursue this career.

With the O&B method, the success rate of students enrolled in our courses is closer to 90%. In other words, 9 out of 10 students attending one of our classes manage to successfully work in this field, also thanks to our attentive post-course support.

Orsini & Belfatto s.r.l. also has an efficient sales department that can provide equipment, consumer products and various types of items that will help new operators to safely work in this field with-high quality materials complying with current regulations.

Orsini & Belfatto s.r.l.  is already the official partner of several companies operating in the field of dermopigmentation or specialising in the development of new products, colours, needles and teaching protocols.